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Jumaat, 26 September 2008

Flash Intro and Banner Maker v2.4.99

Flash Intro and Banner Maker is a Flash authoring tool to help you create Flash intros, AD banners and ecards with ease.

There is no need for knowledge of Flash development studio and Actionscripts, all you need is to input texts and select from premade customizable background effects and text animation effects.


Ultimate Flash animation design tool to help you create Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash AD and ecards, which can be used in any website and blog (MySpace, Google Blog, MSN Space and more). There is no need to learn Flash or Actionscripts, just need a few clicks!
Wizard style user interface, extremely easy to use.
Lots of background effects and text effects, all effects are customizable, including texts, fonts, URL links, colors, sounds etc.
Lifetime free upgrade, enjoy much more wonderful Flash effects with our design team the following upgraded versions.

Wizard style user interface, extremely easy to use;
� Customize width, height, frame rate of Flash movie;
� Add border to Flash movie;
� Add MP3 or WAV file to Flash movie as background sound effect;
� Add preloader to Flash movie;
� Add multiple images or Flash movies to background;
� Lots of background effects to select from, all of them are customizable;
� Add multiple background effects to Flash movie;
� Set background of Flash movie as transparent, solid color, linear gradient color, radial gradient color;
� Display texts as dynamic effects one stage by one stage, or display as static texts on background;
� Unlimited stages of animated text effects;
� Unlimited lines of text effect in one stage;
� Customize font style, size, width and height scale, transparency, rotation, border of text, set fill style of text as solid color, linear gradient color and radial gradient color;
� Set different font style of texts in one line;
� Lots of text animation effects to select from, all of them are customizable;
� Set web link of texts;
� Customize timing of text effect;
� Open web page when Flash movie stops or when user clicks on Flash movie;
� Publish Movie as Flash SWF, GIF image and AVI video.
� Generate HTML code to include Flash movie in your web page.

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