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Sabtu, 15 Disember 2007

CheatBook-DataBase 2007

All Cheats inside from first CHEATBOOK Jan.98 until February 02/2007


Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Portable

Use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer. Switch between virtual machines with the click of a button. Use virtual machines to run legacy applications, provide support, train users, and enhance quality assurance.

Virtual PC lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer. Use virtual machines to run operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows, and OS/2. You can run multiple operating systems at once on a single physical computer and switch between them as easily as switching applications—instantly, with a mouse click. Virtual PC is perfect for any scenario in which you need to support multiple operating systems, whether you use it for tech support, legacy application support, training, or just for consolidating physical computers.


MAGiX Music Studio Deluxe v12.02

Complex, yet easy-to-implement home recording with optimized features, professional effects, and virtual instruments.

Benefit from advanced technology and years of experience in music editing, based on the digital audio workstation Samplitude: the reference product for professional music production.

NEW! Audio & MIDI 100% synchronous editing.


LightZone v3.0

LightZone has two key differentiators over the competition.Following the path of Photoshop one of the key concepts is the use of layers. When modifying your image using a new filter you don't alter the base image directly but add a new layer to the (filter-)stack. Each layer has a dedicated blending characteristic and opacity. As an example let's assume a high ISO image with lots of shadow noise. The first filter on the stack could be noise reduction. However, we don't want to apply the filter globally, which would be typical for most other application, but only (blended) to the shadow portion. Thanks to the limited effect we can also apply it rather aggressively. We may add another mostly non-destructive noise reduction filter to the stack caring only about chroma (color) noise in highlights and mid-tones. On top of that we could add two sharpening layers - one for fine highlight/mid-tone details and another one for coarse edge sharpening (globally). And so on -you got the idea I guess.

DriveClone Pro 3.5

Make an exact copy of your hard drive, including system setting and partition information, and save it as a compressed image to CD, DVD, or to an external hard drive. Copy your disk image onto a new hard drive for rapid recovery from hard disk failure or to upgrade your system with a better hardware.

Backup Made Simple 5.1.226

Backup Made Simple can make a traditional backup to almost any device, or synchronize folder contents with copies on another hard drive or across a network. The Backup Plan Wizard will help you identify what to save or synchronize, and then set up the program to do it. You can back up the entire computer, or whatever folders and files you wish. Your choices are saved as a Backup Plan, so you can make the same backup again whenever you like without designing it all over again. It is very similar to its cousin Backup To DVD/CD, and will also write DVD's and CD's, but is optimized for small capacity media by using compression. For added convenience Backup Made Simple will add new subfolders and files to your Backup Plan automatically, and it will even adapt automatically when you rename things. Without compromising ease of use, the software is also chock full of useful features like scheduling, and backup logging.


Registry Easy 4.0

Registry Easy™ uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Easy™ will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all.


Easy Drive Lock 4

Easy Drive Lock is a fast drive lock & green software that can lock any Harddisk drives in seconds. Without your password, no-body can access files on locked drive. All of your data will be protected even if on windows safe mode.


Image To PDF 3.1

ImageToPDF is a windows application which can directly convert dozens of image formats, such as TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PDF, PCX, PIC and so on, into PDF format. ImageToPDF can automatically skew-correct B/W images by employing special techniques to insure high quality output after conversion. ImageToPDF can operate Adobe Acrobat independently and it has faster processing speed. If your application doesn't require OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, ImageToPDF provides a very convenient, simple way to compose electronic books which can then be issued to the Web. You can scan paper documents directly to image files and then convert them to PDF using ImageToPDF.


Duplicate File Remover 1.3.375

Duplicate File Remover is a powerful tool to locate file duplicates on your computer (dedupe). It scans the computer and lists duplicate files based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. It can find duplicates of any files: text, binary, music, video or images. For multimedia files (MP3, OGG/Vorbis, WMA), the contents of the following tags can also be analyzed: "Artist", "Album", "Title" and "Comment". The file Summary property can also be searched: title, subject, category, and author. Duplicate files can be deleted, hard-linked, moved, or copied. The list of duplicate files can be sorted, exported to an HTML report, and acted upon.


AutoRun Pro Enterprise

AutoRun Pro Enterprise is a popular design tool for rapid creation of autorun CD browsers and presentations. Offering a simple point-and-click design environment, AutoRun Pro Enterprise allows anyone, regardless of computer competence and creative ability, to blend texts, images, video and audio into an interactive front-end for CDs and DVDs. In doing this, you can make use of wizards, templates and demos that let you jumpstart your autorun project in minutes. The end result can be compiled as a single executable file and burned onto a CD or DVD disk directly using the built-in CD Burner.


mIRC v6.31

mIRC is a popular Internet Relay Chat client used by millions of people, and thousands of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each other on IRC networks around the world. Serving the Internet community for over a decade, mIRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of technology. You can download it here.


Password Protect USB 3.6.2

Protecting folders on external and removable drives and access your folders from any computer your drive is plugged into. If you have several computers and your removable drive travels between them, install Password Protect USB right on your removable drive.

You will be able to protect/unprotect folders on multiple computers your drive is connected to. However, you will need to get just a single license as you install the program on a single external drive, not all these computers. Do folders retain protection when the external drive is disconnected?Yes, they do. To open the folder, you need to connect your drive to a PC, run Password Protect USB from the installation directory on your external drive, select the folder and enter the password.

What drives are supported?
Password Protect USB is fully compatible with all types of external and removable drives (including USB drives):

Arrow SB flash drives, USB pen drives
Arrow Removable drives (ZIP-drives)
Arrow USB External hard drives
Arrow USB External removable drives


Vista Automated Activation Crack 3.0

Double click & your activated! - How much simpler can it get?!


Chinese Symbol Studio 2.6

Chinese Symbol Studio is a useful and powerful tool designed to translate and generate beautiful Chinese writing symbols. It has a fully integrated workspace which permits you to work efficiently and create professional symbols in minutes.

Here are some key features of "Chinese Symbol Studio":

· Translate English word to Chinese writing symbols
· Create high quality anti-aliasing symbols in seconds
· Create Chinese symbols in seconds using many built-in symbol styles
· Integration with image processing software
· Create Chinese symbols in seconds using built-in symbols library
· 100,000+ Symbols
· It is the only tool to support translation, creation Chinese symbols


Khamis, 13 Disember 2007

CutePdf Professional ver.3.3

CutePDF Professional is an easy-to-use Windows software that enables you to get advanced control over PDF document output. Easily add security, stamps, headers and footers, create booklets or n-Up pages, combine files, rearrange pages, and much more! CutePDF not only simplifies your business document processing and publishing, but also saves ink, paper and time by controlling and enhancing printed output.


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Selasa, 11 Disember 2007

Your Uninstaller! uninstaller software is the industry\'s leading uninstaller software. It\'s the world\'s 1st smart Drag&Uninstall™ uninstaller software under the Windows platform, works on all Windows versions including Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003. It\'s as easy as using the recycle bin. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the program you don\'t want will disappear from your computer - as well as everything the unwanted program brings! Your Uninstaller! is a user-friendly way of removing unneeded applications on your computer. It can even remove some annoying spywares!


Real Player V.11.0.372

A multimedia player from RealNetworks that plays RealAudio and RealVideo transmissions. Included is the technology for organizing music files and creating MP3 files from audio CDs. The name was changed to RealOne in 2001 along with several refinements and later renamed back to RealPlayer. See RealAudio and RealVideo.


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